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Friends of the conservatory “scam or deceptive marketing?!”

As software development is a highly competitive market, you always have to be gaining more skills and betting yourself just to survive. It is also imperative that you stay safe and watch out what kind of content you are putting out there to the world as companies are now using social media to investigate your fitness to a given job.

All this is fine and well even though it is tough and time-consuming but the most annoying issue of all is to watch out for time-wasting technical recruiters and even worst “scammers”.

Data Science is a field that has been gaining traction for quite some time now. But how to approach it and what is the hell is it ?!! Let me take you through a very silly but effective way of learning about this interesting new subject.

What have I done ;)?

Videos. I like them so much not only because reading is frustrating sometimes but also because with videos you can see the actual result of life. with videos, you can see another human being trying to learn something and using the tools, and producing results. that is why I started with YouTube.

YouTube your…

programming is maybe the one industry that is powered by the most valuable asset in the known universe “Intelligence”. Everything about this industry screams intellect and efficiency from basic concepts of memory management to amazing levels of scalability that we see in massive software projects and famous games just saying “POKEMON GO” ;)

Without too much talk i wanted to point out a word of advice for all my colleges in the industry and to those who are considering a career in it especially students the word is “Concepts”.

When you are approaching new technology platform or service to learn…

Long time ago — about 20 to 30 years — it is a long time in computer science terms, the original idea of a one man doing everything was a very popular idea. you can watch some movies about programmers or hackers featuring a one man / woman typing fast on a keyboard creating or destroying an EVIL computer virus.

Now all of this is almost over. during the last 10 years we witnessed and still witnessing the power of both “Mobile — Web” platforms. a new programming language — specially interpreted ones- is showing up every once and a…

Now we start our journey with you .. your community is online.


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