Concepts ya programming folk

programming is maybe the one industry that is powered by the most valuable asset in the known universe “Intelligence”. Everything about this industry screams intellect and efficiency from basic concepts of memory management to amazing levels of scalability that we see in massive software projects and famous games just saying “POKEMON GO” ;)

Without too much talk i wanted to point out a word of advice for all my colleges in the industry and to those who are considering a career in it especially students the word is “Concepts”.

When you are approaching new technology platform or service to learn how to apply it here is what you do :

  1. Highlight the problem this tech solves or the benefit of it in very short terms and lame language that could be understood by anyone.
  2. start fishing for the main Concepts that make this tech works and understand them in lame terms too.
  3. make a big cup of coffee and start focusing on building something right away .. get your hands dirty and do not be afraid of frustration as people learn at different speeds and understand in different ways.

Software engineering will help you expend your horizons and further solidify the process of learning about concepts.

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