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Long time ago — about 20 to 30 years — it is a long time in computer science terms, the original idea of a one man doing everything was a very popular idea. you can watch some movies about programmers or hackers featuring a one man / woman typing fast on a keyboard creating or destroying an EVIL computer virus.

Now all of this is almost over. during the last 10 years we witnessed and still witnessing the power of both “Mobile — Web” platforms. a new programming language — specially interpreted ones- is showing up every once and a while. not just programming languages but techniques, frameworks and software engineering processes you name it.

for someone to think they can manage all of that on their own and without working in a team is not just an arrogant approach but a genuinely false one to have. it is proven many time cross history that 2 minds are better than one. for an employee to refuse to work with his team because he thinks he is better is not very healthy for a successful work environment.

the power of what i call “ collective intellect” will always supersede and outweigh the idea of a one man show. so learn to respect and work with your fellow human beings so we can all learn to live together and accept each other.

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